4 Conclusions After 24 Hours in Copenhagen

Hej! This would be rude in Czech or in English, but it’s how you say hi in Danish… 

…so be it 🙂 You can tell me anything, pretty Nyhavn buildings.

The sign that greets you in the airport.

1. I am definitely one of the shortest people in this city (maybe country)

Why is everyone so modelesque and fashionable? I can only hope my Vánoční čepice (“Christmas” pompom hat) makes up for it…

2. I can barely even afford coffee or potatoes, cafés are so expensive

Amazing Oreo cheesecake at the famous Bertels Salon (about 10 types/day)

Cost for cheesecake, filter coffee and a refill? $11.50

Large coffee and baked potatoes with mayo at student café and old books you can’t touch exhibit Paludan’s Bog (beautiful and confusing interior). Cost? $8.50

Most substantial meals you can’t get for less than 150 dkk, or $21.55. Crazytown. And that’s without drink, soup or dessert. Good thing I brought some PBJ from CZ.

3. It’s one of those countries that frowns on opportunitistic New Yorkers looking to cross when the light’s still red

But random marching bands stop traffic 🙂

and so does the Changing of the Guard at Rosenborg Palace!

Update: I have learned that jaywalking can cost you $145 (1000 dkk) if you are caught.

4. I hear more English than Danish, but see more Danish than English on signs

I’m a little confused about the culture of the place. It’s nearly overrun by tourists (myself included). 

Danes speak impeccable English, but how does anybody survive here financially? Yet the cafés and restaurants are always full… 

City Hall

Nyhavn Harbor at sunset


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