Mystery Solved: Why Is There an Apostrophe in My Name?

You know that little –> ‘ <– that I put next to my name?

That’s on purpose.


It’s a confusing story, really, and I didn’t learn the truth until a couple years ago.

When I was in elementary school, my mom told me there was an apostrophe in my name. Even back then, I was a tiny grammar nerd, so I did exactly as I was told, and I spelled my name: Chloe’.

Many people have asked me why it’s written so strangely or if it’s just a mistake when I sign my emails. I’ve had to tell them a million times, No, that’s really my name, you can write it like that too.

But the h8ers were getting to me. Why was my name so strange? Did I really have an apostrophe there?

I asked my mom and she insisted it was true – it was even on my birth certificate!

So we got the birth certificate out.

Turns out, my mom is not a grammar nerd.


On my birth certificate, there is an accent mark over the (é).

What are ya gonna do? I have always spelled my name this way, and I will always continue to.

Maybe that’s why, subconsciously, I became an English teacher 😉


Grammar Tip of the Day! from and edited by me.

Rule: To make the plural of a name that ends with a chs, or z sound, add es. If a name ends in ch, but is pronounced with a hard k sound, its plural takes and not es.

The Sanchezes will be over soon.
The Thomases moved away.
The Churches have arrived but the Bohmbachs are running late.

Rule: To show singular possession of a name ending in ch, add ’s on the end of the name. Example: Harry Birch’s house
Rule: To show singular possession of a name ending in s or z, you can add an apostrophe or apostrophe + s. Both are okay!

Bill Williams’ car OR Bill Williams’s car
Mrs. Sanchez’s children

Rule: To show plural possession of a name ending in sch, or z, form the plural first; then immediately use the apostrophe.

the Williamses’ car
the Birches’ house
the Sanchezes’ children

That’s all, folks.

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1 thought on “Mystery Solved: Why Is There an Apostrophe in My Name?

  1. love it!


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