Expat Life

As of 2020, I’ve been an expat for 6 years! So far, I’ve lived in 4 countries – the U.S., Israel, Czech Republic, and Denmark – and have a list of future destinations, too.

The expat journey isn’t always an easy one. We face bureaucratic challenges, adjustment struggles, confusion about finding community, the surreal nature of communicating in a foreign language, and much more.

I love helping expats feel less alone and find virtual community that gives you the motivation you need to adapt in real life. I’m so excited you’re here – happy reading!

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3 Unique Challenges of Lockdown for Expats

This article by Kathy at the IA describes the unusual but interesting scenario of an expat family of 4 finding themselves in four different countries during a worldwide pandemic. And it got me thinking: How have I adapted to a scenario like this? Has my experience better prepared me for living under lock-down in an…