I moved to Denmark in 2018 with my Czech partner. A Scandinavian welfare state and the home of hygge, Denmark is a Western country that provides a counterpoint to the poor work-life balance and health care of my home country, the U.S.

Danes can be a tough nut to crack. Surveys have revealed that Denmark is the #1 most difficult country to make friends as an expat. Despite the tight-knit natives and windy weather, I’m still forging forward in my plan to warm the hearts of Danes – over a cup of coffee, of course.

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Viking Jelling, the Origin of Bluetooth and the Birth Certificate of Denmark

Jelling, Denmark is a town of about 3,500 people – located on the western part of Denmark called Jutland – that became the first Danish location to be placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994. Today there are seven others, including Castle Kronenborg, where Shakespeare’s Hamlet is based. What’s so special about it,…

Can’t Spell Wednesday? Blame the Danes

My dear readers. Would I be right or would I be right in saying that many of you have Googled, “How the hell do you spell Wendsday?” Wendsay. If only life were fair, this is how it would be. And February would be Febyuary. But life isn’t fair. Not only that, but many non-native English…

Top 4 Life Hacks You Will Learn in Denmark

When I first came to Denmark, I had a bunch of confusing thoughts. “Why is everything so expensive here?” “Did I just hear someone say an entire sentence in English in the middle of their Danish conversation?” “How are Danes never cold?” “How do those beautiful women bike with heels on?” “How do you get…