Czech Republic

I lived in Czech Republic from 2014-2018 and consider it my second home. This is the country where I became an adult, learned a foreign language fluently, and found new family and community.

Czech Republic is a Central European country that has survived the Austro-Hungarian, Nazi, and Soviet regimes to become a resilient and modern economy. Czech people, although they may seem cold on the surface, are incredibly warm and generous. From mushrooming to beer, there are so many exciting aspects of Czech culture to explore.

Enjoy your journey into Czech history, language, food, and more!

Why Are You Really Here? Part 2

I thought back on it and I realized that for Czechs, my original post was probably not that satisfying. It shows why I am a traveler and why I live and work abroad, but not why I’m in Czech Republic specifically. So I’m gonna fix that 😉 Let’s get the first, obvious answer to “Why…

Czech Nostalgia Through the Ages: How Did Communism Change People?

As we walked through the small village of Rakové where my adopted Czech grandma was born, she remarked on how much had changed. From the former cowsheds to the fields of fruit trees to the little streams running through the shaded wood, it was all different… *** My first couple of years in Czech Republic…

Czeducation: Czech & American School Systems 1

In our school, this week is full of maturita exams – also called A-levels or final exams – and we also have five international university students visiting to share their culture and countries with us. Coming to a new country and immediately being thrust into the busy environment of a high school is not an…