Czenglish Debate: What Is Bread, Really?

9 thoughts on “Czenglish Debate: What Is Bread, Really?”

  1. As a native czech, I really enjoyed this article. I don’t want to be mean, but it is so funny.

    But, we don’t have it easy when we are on holidays in the foreign country. I remember when I was in the shop abroad for the very first time – ”where are ‘rohlíky’?” and “THIS is ‘chleba’? 😀

    And also – ‘chleba’ and ‘řízek’ (which is fried, usually chicken breast in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs) are typical food most czech people travel with.
    We just love our bread 😀

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      1. Well, Slovakia has their bread pretty good… but I think that it is just because it is very similar and Czech Republic and Slovakia used to be one state. 🙂

        And I know that it isn’t bread like bread, but I absolutely love real french baguettes 🙂 ❤


  2. The complexity Czech bread and baked goods can be reflected in buying flour here. You can throw any notions you have about “all purpose flour” out the window in a supermarket here. There are four main types to choose from, this article explains a bit the differences:

    Choice of flour makes a huge difference in the finished product. Many Czechs I know who have been to America and tried the American version of the “Kolachee” say it simply doesn’t cut it because all purpose flour was used instead of something more exacting.

    That also goes a long way to explaining why Czechs are proud of their bread and miss it when they travel. It’s simply a more complex product.


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