The 10 Commandments of Living in Moravia

Via Wikipedia
In no particular order.

10. I am *hantec, thou shalt not have any other dialects before me.

Everywhere else, tramvaj. In Brno, šalina.
9. Thou shalt take a shot of slivovice/Becherovka daily to ward off germs.

(Slivovice, or plum brandy, is a strong, pharynx-burning alcohol made of fermented plums [slivky], and Becherovka is a spa-famous herb liquor.)

8. Thou shalt scoop all the egg white from the shell of the domestic chicken so as not to waste it.

eggs and apples

7. Thou shalt freeze enough gathered mushrooms to last the whole year.

mushroom spoils

6. Thou shalt make enough cukroví – Christmas cookies – to last until at least February. Remember thy gingerbread.


Via Otisky prstů
5. Thou shalt drink thy body’s liters of blood in burčák every September.

White and red varieties of the young, fizzy, still-fermenting wine.

4. Thou shalt condemn the wine tastes of the Pražáci (“Prague People”).

Moravia is where many of the vineyards are at.

3. Honor thy local hospoda (pub) by visiting every weekend. Often on weeknights. Sometimes during lunch.

2. Thou shalt always toast before the beer foam disappears, and thou shalt give the waiter hell if the beer doesn’t reach the .5 liter line.

brno beer

beer muz1
Do not do this.
1. Thou shalt never take the home cooking of your babička in vain.

mushroom dumpling
beef, mushrooms, knedlíky

*Thanks Milan Kundera for introducing me to hantec before I even came to Czech Republic, and said whaaaaaat?


  1. “Moravia is where all the vineyards are at.” Please do a double check on this one. I know for a fact that the vineyards behind my fathers house in around the city of Most are most definitely seated in the north CZ, not Moravia. And even though Moravia is the wine crown Jewel of Czech Republic it is not the only place producing good wine in the country…


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