Pardubice’s Famous Café Bajer (est. 1907)

If you’re going through Pardubice and want a lovely cafe to take rest in, stop by one of the two branches of Cafe Bajer – one of which has existed for 111 years!

The branch we went to is before Zelená Brána, or the Green Gate (when you’re coming from the train station) and this one was established in 1907. The other classic one, known for its hot chocolates, is just through the gate – this one says it’s been there since 1923.

As we were passing through, Daniela took the opportunity to search for a geocaching location – we never found it though; it was too well-hidden!

Cafe Bajer, in addition to having delicious and well-made coffee, makes wonderful waffles. On Saturday morning it was full of people while the rest of Pardubice’s streets were still pretty quiet. The service was friendly – a big plus in Czech Republic. And it’s not just about the coffee here, but the history – there was so much to explore inside the coffeeshop itself, what with its old posters (with brands like Perola) and artifacts dating from the First Republic period and though to the mid-20th century. Brass weights, traditional cash machines, hand coffee grinders, coffee cans, wooden furniture and much more.

Mrkněte se (take a “wink” at) this busily decorated, antique location:

It’s really worth a visit if you’re in the area, or need an excuse to be!


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