Rhetorical Questions You Will Be Asked While Living in Czechia


We often use rhetorical questions to be sarcastic in English; for example, if you ask a stupid question, you might be asked in return,

Is rain wet?

Do pigs fly?

Is hell hot?



Here are some cultural (pinky in the air) rhetorical questions from CZ.

1. You are asked by your host: Do you want slippers?


Just kidding, you know you can’t refuse anyway.

Try saying no. I’ll wait.

2. You are asked on any given night among friends who make their own alcohol: Do you want more Slivovice?


Slivovice is a clear liquor made of fermented plums, often domestic ones that are sent out to special processing facilities. It’s considered very healthy, a protection against illness, plus Czech drink culture dictates you can never have just one.

3. You are asked by your Czech grandmother: Do you want nášup? (a second helping)


Czech food is hearty and delicious, particularly when homemade. You’re gonna wanna stuff yourself, but do so at your own risk…

Czech grandmas will not be convinced you are full until after the triple bypass.

4. You are asked by your hostess: You want fruit tea?


Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never distinguished between herbal and fruit tea – it was all herbal. Here, fruit tea, also known as “sour water,” is like a dirty word.

5. You are asked by your female colleagues: Do you like Christmas cookies? (cukroví)


Yes ma’am. Yes I do.

6. You are asked incredulously by anyone at all, “YOU SPEAK CZECH FLUENTLY?”


Don’t answer that… leave the illusion.

Czech is a complicated language – to get this reaction, all you have to say is “Hello, how are you?”

7. You are asked by your English teacher: Do you have your homework?


Never mind. I know firsthand you don’t have it.

But I’ll forgive you if you draw me nice pictures like Snowman Scissorhands:



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