Czeducation: Czech & American School Systems 1

12 thoughts on “Czeducation: Czech & American School Systems 1”

  1. It’s a cheap kind of thick sausage that’s wind on a pole when it’s made > točený. It’s not of a good quality so it’s used as a part of some other food (for example šunkofleky) and I’ve never seen anyone eating it alone.


  2. Chloe, I can assure you that lunchmeat is definitely not a “thing” that people who care about what they eat would EVER eat deliberately. For some, it’s a good option, though. It’s cheap and easy to prepare. Unfortunately, it used to be a part of my childhood as well as “točený salám” and some other products. The concept of healthy eating is quite new. I was told that before 1989 shops couldn’t really offer such a huge variety of products as it was normal in other countries. People didn’t have to deal with a question: what to choose. I know many families (incluing mine) who used to have the same furniture in the living room! And children all over the republic used to wear the same colour of the tights. Fortunately, a lot has changed 🙂


  3. The Canadian public school system was set up pretty much like the American one when I was in back in the 80s. I suspect it’s pretty much the same these days.

    When I hear my Czech students talk about the system they went through, I see at least one advantage to the Czech system in that it has the two different tracks for the more academically minded and the more technically minded students to choose from. Such a system certainly makes it easier to focus on the needs, wants and strengths of students of different mind sets without too much compromise.

    All of my students also talked about having to choose a second language to study in school. That’s something I wish they had in place when I had been in school. Having more than one language is almost a life skill these days.

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