Brno Highlight: PLACE Store

Whether you live in Brno or not, if you want a Brno-themed souvenir or just to represent the local crafts and artistry of this city we love, Place is the place to find it.

Via NositBrno

I did some Christmas shopping here including the t-shirt collection (NositBrno or “Wear Brno”) of popular Brno sites – I bought the above t-shirt for Ondra (390 czk) – and took some time to admire the many interesting goods made by local artists.

Don’t these cups just remind you of Chip from Beauty and the Beast?

Plus, on the right you can see a portable coffee mug in the shape of a horn for easy portability… I know I could use one of those, but since it’s real leather, I thought I might come back when I am buying presents only for myself 😀

There were old records carved with pop culture references and made into battery-powered clocks:

A Frida Kahlo lover makes sure we never miss our morning coffee without looking into her eyes (or the eyes of other pop culture figures):

An artist crafts modern jewelry which are all based on different types of clouds:

Another artist makes jewelry out of natural things she can find outside, including leaves and flower petals:

No two pieces are the same.

These precious stone earrings are sold on leaves – eco-friendly and creative!

Meanwhile, these necklaces put tiny flowers into clear glass balls. I always wanted to order something like this from Etsy- now I can get it locally!

I know that when I travel, I like to buy only unique souvenirs. A lot of the time, that includes jewelry, so I feel like I can carry the places I’ve visited around with me. Whether jewelry is or isn’t your type of thing, Place is a great store to support local artists and get unique pieces to remember your travels to Brno by.

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