Visiting Prague at Eastertime

My friend Daniela and I went to Prague with one excuse goal in mind: the new gourmet confectionary, Cukrář Skála.

In a bright, industrial-futuristic style space, the workers make desserts right in front of  you. It’s satisfaction for your sweet tooth and eye. The well-lit desserts were beautiful (and expensive!). To satisfy my sweet tooth, I took one of every praline… these are my favorite things to sample in every baked-onsite confectionary-cafe I go. This sweet shop had flavors like “Bailey’s with salt,” “cassis (blackcurrant) with rum,” and “raspberry with cinnamon.”

In terms of Prague, I’m really happy that I have been there enough times to no longer be intimidated by it. I’ve done nearly all touristy things any visitor there would need to do, so now when I go, I usually visit some cool new place and then make my way around to my favorite spots as well as just wandering through the most popular haunts to feel the atmosphere of this buzzing city where there is no Czech to be heard anywhere in the center!

One of my favorite places is the art nouveau building and museum Obecní dům or Municipal House (on the left).

In our wanderings, we ended up in Old Town Square, where one week after the end of Easter, the Easter market is still going strong! 😀

We also revisited some other classic spots like the ever-beautiful Charles Bridge with a view to Hradčany, the castle:

The view over Prague from Petřín, or Lover’s Hill, complete with a trip to Angelato, the best ice cream shop in the world:

Daniela got mango and parmesan with walnut, whereas I had avocado, coffee and jasmine rice. Such unique flavors, and so heavenly!

The National Theatre (Narodní divadlo) on the side of the Vltava River:

And finally, the Lennon Wall. This one has to be visited constantly because it is always changing. However, you will have to wait a long time to take pictures considering how many people are there taking their turns. I feel bad for the guy(s) who’s always there playing Beatles songs – they are always so wonderful, but people are much more interested in the wall than music.

Lastly, one of my goals in Prague was to visit a Paternoster elevator, the old style ones which never stop but are going up and around constantly, where you have to jump in and out. I learned about this from Stream’s video on Hidden Gems of Prague. There were two we scouted, one at the New City Hall, and one at Lucerna Music Bar. Both we found, but both were closed! 😦 However, I did snap another pic of that classic and idiosyncratic David Černý sculpture in Lucerna, which had to be my consolation prize.

Click here for a full list of Prague paternosters.

Our wonderful Little Quarter Hostel (9+ rating on Booking) was in Malá Strana, on the same side of the river as Prague Castle, located on the street Nerudova where the Czech poet Jan Neruda once lived.

This area has lots of interesting architectural styles and ornamentation, as well as puppet shops!

If you’re still planning to go to Prague, don’t be shy and stop by Old Town Square for the tourist bustle and heavily overpriced sausages 😉


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