The Czech Superpower (+the best and worst of Czech food don’t kill me)

31 thoughts on “The Czech Superpower (+the best and worst of Czech food don’t kill me)”

  1. Great article as usual but let’s correct some spelling errors first. 🙂 Svíčková, sádlo, játra, chlebíčky.
    Halušky is actually a Slovak dish and lecho is Hungarian and there is even a vegetable-only version for sausage haters. 😉 Eating tvarůžky with plum jam is not very common (in fact, I’ve never heard of it before 🙂 ). It’s eaten with bread or fried with fries or potatoes most of the time (BTW there’s a sweets shop in Olomouc where you can buy really weird stuff :)) ). The original šunkofleky weren’t made of bowtie pasta or other funny shapes but rather flat pasta squares (cut egg noodles or whatever); fleky=flecks. I must disagree with the suggestion that Czechs put eggs in everything. 🙂 There are many kinds of chlebíčky, soups etc. without eggs, it’s not even guaranteed you will always get the lentil dish with a boiled egg (the other common option is a sausage, bon appetit! 😉 ). If you ever visit Japan you’ll realize that we Czechs are pretty conservative with the eggs. 😀


  2. I also always hated Nudle s mákem (just like buchtičky se šodó).

    But tatarák is like the greatest occasion in my family. Daddy always buys like half a kilo of meat (sometimes more and we invite neighbours) and we spent the whole evening eating it and drinking wine.


  3. Noodle z makem is one of my favorite foods growing up!!! You seriously don’t like it? Did it have enough melted butter? There’s gotta be enough melted butter to make everything come together and look like a black pesto… ugh… so warm and comforting… when I was little I’d grind up poppy seeds for my babicka so she’d make it for me… fresh!


  4. Tvarůžky and povidla? Really? I´ve never heard of that :-). Poppy seeds are amazing with plum sauce, actually. My grandma used to make many wonderful dishes with poppy seeds and plum jam….I eat them with pasta too, but that´s a lazy option for me and definitely not as tasty as the other ones!


  5. You must try czech “pig killing” specialities 🙂 Jelito ( mixture of blood, liver, lungs, skin, fat …) in pig colon (well washed) and then boiled. Also jitrnice (quite same as “jelito”, but without blood and with bread roll (žemle). Very delicious and poular. Another is “tlačenka” (boiled skin – create gelatine, tongue, meat, then put into synhesis bag and cooled) (, slice of “tlačenka”, fresh onion on it, drizle of vinegear, bread and beer …. yummy 🙂 At some pig killing the tlačenka is filled into pig stomach (well washed) and then boiled. Offal is very popular. We make them in various recepies. Goulash with kidney, souce with heart, souce with tongue, liver fryed with onion, deepfried liver (this week i have this twice this week for lunch … very delicius 🙂 )


    1. the only one of these I’ve heard of or tried is tlačenka and I didn’t like it because where I come from, gelatin is only ever sweet! I couldn’t accept that it could be salty and made with meat! But I know it’s very popular. When I finally do go to the pig killing, there has to be a rule that no one will tell me what the food is, or I won’t eat it 🙂


      1. I don´t like tlačenka either….you´re brave that you tasted it….I never did and I never will :-). As well as blood soup :-). Even though I like sádlo (lard), škvarky, klobásky (meat sausages), jitrnice and jelita.


  6. nice blog – just some small correction. Španělský ptáček is made from beef, not chicken.

    Originally it was a veal roulade, made by Spanish chef for a Czech queen Maria and Habsburg empress. Maria Spanish – from 17th century. And raw roulade looks a like a raw small bird ready to be cooked. Yes, they ate a small birds during renaissance.

    New meal start to be popular, ingredients start to varied and now, there is sitll hint of history, but no resemblance of original recipe.


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